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What is Cybersecurity Hardware?

April 21, 2023


Cybersecurity hardware is the physical devices and equipment used to protect computer networks, computers, programs, and data from attack, damage, or unauthorized access. Hardware plays a vital role in securing your organization’s network and data.

How it works

It is usually connected to a more extensive cybersecurity system that gathers information from the hardware and alerts authorities to potential problems. Cybersecurity hardware is also referred to as physical, cybersecurity equipment, or simply cybersecurity equipment.

This equipment often includes USB jammers, firewalls, RFID blockers, biometric authentication tools, and Trojan detection software.

USB jammers are used to block access to USB ports. This can help keep unauthorized users from being able to access a device’s internal storage or other data stored on a USB drive.

Firewalls work by filtering the information coming through them and blocking any data packets that do not meet specific criteria. This criterion is defined by a set of rules established by the network administrator to ensure only authorized users access network resources. Firewalls are usually deployed at a network’s gateway – where it connects to external networks – but they can also be implemented within internal networks.

RFID blocker technology can be used as a physical shield in wallets and purses to prevent identity thieves from using RFID scanning to steal credit card information without physically removing the card from the wallet. RFID blockers use foil-like materials to avoid scanning attempts by blocking the signals sent between an RFID chip and a scanning device.

A biometric authentication is an advanced form of user verification that uses specific body elements instead of requiring passwords or private keys. Biometric authentication can include fingerprint scanners, retina scanners, facial recognition systems.

Trojan detection software is often deployed as part of a larger cybersecurity system that uses hardware and software solutions to detect malware and other threats.

The level of importance to cybersecurity is rising, and rightly so. As the modern workplace becomes more and more versatile, the need for advanced hardware to keep up with all the demand is essential. The days of having a basic desktop computer and a couple of printers are over. Nowadays, managing it is essential to keep your data safe and secure.

Secure Online Transactions

Whenever you enter your credit card details online – to make a purchase or transfer money – you need to know that the transaction is secure.

Credit card fraud and identity theft account for billions of dollars in losses every year, making it more important that your financial transactions are secure. Cybersecurity hardware can include payment terminals, smart cards, and POS systems.

All in all, businesses have different types of hardware, depending on their industry and needs. For example, a retailer might use an EPOS system to process payments, whereas a business dealing with sensitive financial information may have specialist ware. Hence, consider investing in cybersecurity to protect yourself and your work.

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