IT Support is like oxygen to a business. You just won’t survive today without it.

The issue is how to get it. How do you cover yourself without burying yourself?
This is exactly what we thought about when designing our customized managed services. That is, to provide our clients with a comfortable level of support without all the discomforts of alarming budgets and fine print restrictions. In short, a managed services package designed precisely for you.


Your business is growing and so are your needs for leading edge hardware and software. Simply acquiring a newer product isn’t enough if it doesn’t do what you need it to. We source out and custom fit whatever you require, finding you the best price, and ensuring that it’s exactly what’s needed. Personalized, customized and optimized - for you.


Whether it’s getting you the best, most current apps and software for what your business needs or re-allocating and maximizing your existing licenses, we optimize your IT investment. We source from the world’s most trusted software manufacturers like Microsoft, Adobe, VMware and Cisco to get your software asset management on track and in check.


It’s not a question of whether or not you need IT Services in today’s business world, it’s actually figuring out exactly what you need that’s important. That’s what we do and our IT Audit and Consultation is the vital first step in customizing you a comprehensive yet cost-effective solution. A plan made specifically for you. We provide proactive long term expertise.

Managed IT Services

We offer three levels of IT support

Actually four if you consider an a la carte, grocery list, fully customizable option as just one extra level


There’s a GOLD level for those
looking for 24/7/365 monitoring of your
hardware and systems.

Cloud/SaaS App management
24/7×365 monitoring
Quarterly Reporting
Asset/Software/Hardware Reporting

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The PLATINUM level is if you need that IT Guardian Angel hovering over you, making sure everything is running heavenly smooth.

Includes everything in GOLD and:

Help Desk
Remote Control
Corporate Security
Email Encryption/Spam Filtering
Web Content Filtering
Mobile Security and Reporting

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Choose DIAMOND level coverage if you just want the peace of mind of knowing that Seletex is managing your entire IT operation.

Includes everything in PLATINUM and:

Advanced Security
Password Protection
Proactive Maintenance
Data Loss Prevention
Endpoint Detect and Response
Windows Patch Management

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We also do IT On Demand as well

which brings your options to at least five for anyone still counting.

Rest assured that we offer more choice than you can shake a memory stick at and we will only be happy when you are. That’s not just a promise. It’s how we do business.

Our Managed Services combine our diligence, our expertise and our partner network to give you a lot of carefree days and a lot of restful nights. Rest easy brave warrior, knowing Seletex has your back.

Ready to press ahead?

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    Head Office

    100 Consilium Place, Suite 200
    Scarborough, ON M1H 3E4

    +1 (416) 915 2430

    About Us

    Our slogan, is our motto, is our ethos. But what does it all mean?

    Technology today is kind of looked at as a hurdle or an obstacle. We think that’s wrong. We look at it more like the parts in technology are specific languages and we’re here to act as your translator. It can be fun learning new languages as long as there’s someone knowledgeable nearby to help walk you through it. That would be us.

    We’re not the type to bury you in elitist tech jargon. We can only be happy knowing you’re happy and if we aren’t speaking the same language how can we even tell?

    We’re not saying that you have to understand IT like we understand IT but we will do what it takes to make you feel completly comfortable in our abilities and what we offer. Trust is a key component in what we do.

    Starting with our Free Audit and Consultation, we first get to know you and your business and the part we can play in it moving it forward.

    From that we mutually determine the best course of action to take, which is part of our four step action plan.

    So whether it’s Managed Services, other IT Support, hardware, software or whatever we can offer, we’ll find the right services, customized to fit your needs.

    Nothing extra. Just the stuff you need.

    Our Values



    A key to maintaining and growing relationships is simply honesty. Our promise to our clients and people is to preserve a transparent flow of information. We pride ourselves in the integrity of our work and people, towards anything we do.



    Some say respect is earned and others simply demand it. At Seletex, no matter the individual, we treat everyone with the same respect. With respect and honesty comes loyalty, one of the most vital components in maintaining and growing a healthy and prosperous relationship.



    We believe that for any business relationship to succeed, it comes down to partnership with honesty and respect being the building blocks to a healthy one. We see all our clients, suppliers and people as partners working together to achieve greater goals.

    Because we’re listening,
    and we speak your language.


    Our White Glove Service

    (Minus the Gloves)

    Having Seletex on your side is like employing a technology butler who caters to your every need whether it’s cyber security, email threats, IT management or whatever issue you may be dealing with. We’re not limited by a rigid corporate structure which makes us lean and agile. We listen and we suggest. We don’t dictate. Each case is different and needs to be treated that way. Instead of saying No, we say Know. As in we Know what you’re dealing with & Know exactly what to do about it.

    Technology Audit

    Be proactive, not reactive. Our FREE audit of your enterprise ensures that we’re all on the same page moving forward. Concise, comprehensive and confident.


    From the audit comes our assessment and consultation. What needs to be done? Every issue we address comes with an implicit understanding of your business and where it’s headed.

    Managed Services

    We’re more a technology partner than a service, with you every step of the way. Your problem is our problem. Your solution is our solution.


    Stay on top of everything from phishing schemes, to email scams, to security threats of all types. Fire-proof your IT house while everyone else is putting out flames.

    You’re only as good as the Companies you keep.

    Cloud Email Security is different and needs to be treated that way. Avanan’s award-winning software blows away your cloud threats – and the competition.

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    The first company to harness the cloud and AI to stop zero-day threats in real time. Worldwide threat intelligence made easy.

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    There’s a comprehensive IT monitoring and management solution done simply, efficiently and from literally anywhere? Yes, there is. Pulseway is your answer.

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    Ready to press ahead?