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Oldham Council Takes Decisive Action Against Soaring Cyber Threats

October 30, 2023

In an age where online criminals lurk behind screens, cyber threats haunt almost everyone. At the heart of it all, Oldham Council finds itself swimming amidst a stormy sea of 10,000 digital threats daily. The twist? They’re fighting back with a hefty purse of £682,000 dedicated exclusively for computer wizardry enhancements.

Enter the new era of data guardianship. The council’s current tech shield? Somewhat porous. Especially when it’s about keeping backup data from the clutches of malevolent digital phantoms or ensuring the safety of the Cloud-borne services.

Councillor Elaine Taylor, a fervent advocate of the council’s crusade, dubbing this monetary infusion as a “treasure wisely invested.” The clock’s ticking, and it’s not just about dodging a tech apocalypse but evading accidental data vanishes, corruption, and digital calamities.

Now, some might argue, “Aren’t they late to the party?” But let’s not forget the digital tragedies that befell giants like the University of Manchester or the sorrow tale of Redcar and Cleveland Council, which bled a staggering £7 million in 2020, plunging them into an eight-month-long digital blackout.

Peek into the cyber shadows, and you’ll spot ransomware – the notorious code-gangsters. They sneak in, lock your data, and play the old ransom game. And then, there’s the spine-chilling data spills, turning lives topsy-turvy, especially when they spill secrets of the wallet and identity.

Oldham Council’s valiant stride to bolster their digital fortress underscores an era where everyone’s on guard. It’s not just about tech walls. It’s a pledge, a promise to the teeming masses who believe, trust, and rely.


Original Article: https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-england-manchester-67228223

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