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Mobile device management, what it is and why you need it

January 3, 2023


If you work in an office, chances are you use a computer. Today, laptops and desktops are omnipresent. Employees come in with laptops or desktop computers that they take home after hours. However, if someone leaves their device at 7 a.m., the next person to sit down could potentially be working on someone else’s work! This scenario is where mobile device management (MDM) comes into play.

What is MDM?

MDM is the process of protecting a device, such as a laptop or desktop computer, and only allowing certain types of applications to be used. It is also used to manage devices remotely by having an authority figure need only one click to make changes. In addition to preventing work-related distractions (which I find fascinating), MDM can allow users to store information on their devices rather than on the company’s server.

How do MDM solutions work?

MDM solutions work by establishing a connection between the device and an MDM server. If the device connects to the MDM server, changes are made to specific settings on the mobile device. In addition, any applications installed on the phone can be revoked from use. The most common example of a revoked application is a browser application. Blogs and news sites are continually being hacked, so it would be good practice not to leave a browser open on your computer or phone, as this information could be compromised.

Benefits of using MDM software

If an employee leaves the company, MDM is a great way to revoke access to any company data that may be stored on their computer or phone. The IT department can easily deactivate the device on their end and the employee would not be allowed back into the server remotely. Another benefit of MDM is that it allows for a central database for all devices. Rather than having different logins for each device, MDM allows all devices to use one login and simplifies logging in and out.


Cybersecurity has become a significant issue in this day and age. It means that the risks of exposing company data are more significant than ever, and you should do what you can to protect your company’s data! MDM is a great way to keep track of mobile devices and software.

MDM is an essential tool for office workers. MDM allows an IT department to keep tabs on all employees’ devices and deactivate them if they are no longer needed. For example, an employee leaves the office and takes their computer home but has not deactivated it. The following person to log into the account can see the work already done. In addition, MDM gives the IT department a central place to store all of the company’s data.

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