To create a digital workplace, organizations may follow the given process:

  1. Understand digital workplace strategy
    • The first step is to define the purpose, tools, and best practices to create an effective digital workplace strategy.
  2. Define your vision
    • Organizations should have clear outcomes and performance indicators before investing in new platforms and technologies to achieve business goals.
  3. Make your blueprint
    • With a digital workplace blueprint in place, all departments within your organization can work together to execute the overall strategy.
  4. Build your toolkit
    • New tools and applications may benefit specific departments or groups, but a collective approach is required to satisfy the requirements of all teams in a business. A digital workplace toolbox can be the key to unlocking your company’s true collaborative potential.
  5. Implement best practices
    • Adopting new technologies and processes may result in governance risk and compliance issues that require thorough review before making any organizational changes. Organizations should plan for crisis management, policy training, information monitoring, and continual reporting.