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Protect your organization with anti-phishing solutions

February 21, 2023


Phishing attacks are on the rise. These cyber-attacks are an increasingly sophisticated and complex threat that requires a comprehensive solution to protect your organization from being compromised. This blog post discusses the different types of phishing and how to protect you from being a victim of one of these cyber-attacks.

Phishers take advantage of human weaknesses such as greed or fear to make their victims vulnerable. They lure you into a complex web of lies, hoping to get your sensitive information. From fraudulent websites to rigged emails and fake phone calls, phishers use these tactics to get detailed information about your company to commit fraud successfully.

Anti-phishing solutions

  1. Web Filtering

When it comes to phishing, the first thing you have to look out for are fraudulent websites. These sites, created by the phishers themselves, can be crafted to look exactly like your bank’s website and trick you into entering your login details or credit card information. To avoid this type of fraud, deploy a web filter solution with anti-phishing capabilities.

  1. Anti-phishing software from Mimecast

Using such a software is a must nowadays because of the recent increase in phishing attacks. Hackers are now taking advantage of software vulnerabilities to send out fake emails and spread ransomware. Educating your employees on how to identify fraudulent emails is not enough, they need an anti-phishing solution to protect them from these attacks.

The best practice is using a solution that combines cloud and email filtering technologies. The software helps in the detection and blocking of phishing attacks in real-time. It can also protect you against ransomware, viruses, and other malicious content.


How anti-phishing solutions work

Anti-phishing solutions are constantly working to identify and block fraudulent websites, fraudulent online advertising, and phishing emails. These filters can be customized based on your organization’s needs and the level of IT expertise.

Anti-phishing filters work by analyzing web requests and making a decision on whether a request is legitimate or not. Most anti-phishing solutions can detect invalid requests even before they hit your company’s website, but they are more effective when installed on the firewall.

These software solutions can block attacks that hit your Internet Service Provider provided Website and even provide warnings to your employees when there is an attack in progress. Many of these software applications allow you to create customized filters that can be used to protect any type of website.


Many companies still rely on their employees to identify and report fraudulent emails. This method is ineffective because it puts an additional load on the employees. Not only do anti-phishing solutions combat the threat of phishing attacks, but they also help streamline your processes and save time. The right solution will help your employees become more efficient at identifying fraudulent emails and even block ransomware.

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